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Apologies to Immy Jimmy for the delay (SOB finally wins
the thing and gets totally ignored). That said...

Congrats to Jimmy for finally winning it all. Pigs flying out of my butt
surprisingly not as bad as expected.

Go Daddies come up woefully short thanks to the
"Junior-surely-will-go-out-with-a-bang" flawed strategy.

Aforementioned Lee holds off charging Guy and his Furniture Row car
for third.

Speaking of, Guy wins stage points and champion money. Truex single-handedly
made it a season in the black for him.

Just like their favorite departed driver, GoDaddies took the most poles. Giggity.
(Guess that's my last Danica line. Dont think I'm not tearing up.)

And Shithead smoked again. Stick to futbol.