$20/entry   Pick three different players. All three must make the cut as the total 72 hole scores of all three players will detemine the pool winners. 50% of the pot to first place and the top 10% of finishers will cash "Tour Style".

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Battle for the ages down the stretch, the Bull finally sees green. What started out somewhat cursed (stairs, weather) ended with a great weekend.

Kudos to Eric, lapped the field, only one with Rose and Sergio.

No great "what if" moments really. Fowler and Spieth on the 18th changed things a bit (Ga WC wouldve had 2nd alone, Gaskims wouldve cashed if both had parred).

Needless to say, the challenge came before the tourney started. In speaking with Gandolf, we realized nothing like the DJ situatuon had ever really happened in this pool before. When news broke, I immediately posted on the site that changes were allowed up until first tee. Many either saw that or emailed me and asked to swap out their pick. Ten either didn't hear the news, didn't ask or decided to take a shot on DJ. Fortunately, no one who kept DJ could have caught Eric with any other golfer. And now the precedent has been set - the players you have at first tee are the players you get, whether they show up or not. Phew.